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Portland New Green Cab LLC Testimonials

"I have been using Green Cab for over 15 years and have never had an issue. The drivers are on time and courteous, the vehicles clean and the office staff is kind. I would recommend them without hesitation."
Kim Grimme, Portland, OR

"Not only were they on time, but my cab driver called me to let me know when he was at my destination. The cab driver was nice, and the drive was safe. The cab its self was clean and neat. All in all a very professional company. Only thing I would suggest is giving an option of small cab or van."
Gabriel O'neal, Portland, OR

"Great service when I took my dog to Dove Lewis in a hurry tonight!"
JESSICA S., Portland, OR - YELP

"I would like to tell you how much I appreciate your driver Shavnof Faik (spelling?). On Feb 8th he got me safely from the airport to Hillsboro through ice and snow. He has a great personality and he's a safe and courteous driver. You should be proud to have him on your staff. Thanks for having employees like him."
John Heter, Hillsboro, OR

"I would like to extend a compliment to a driver I rode with on Wedenesday, July 23rd. Because I am visually impaired, I do not know his identificaiton number. However, I had a reservation from my apartment to PDX at 5:00 A.M. so I could catch a shuttle to Salem. The driver called me and confirmed my reservation the night before the trip. Shortly before 5:00, he called me and let me know he arrived. He guided me out to his vehicle so I would not have to navigate the parking lot. When we reached PDX, he guided me across the road so I could talk to an airport employee. The employee told me where I needed to go to catch the shuttle to Salem and the driver got me to the ground transportation center so I would not have to try to navigate the airport on my own. I understand that your drivers are usually not allowed to drop off at the ground transportation booth. However, because I am visually impaired and needed to get to Salem for a job interview, the driver put in extra effort to help me get safely to my destination. The pick-up time was 5:00 A.M. and he drove a Dodge Caravan. Please forward my compliment to the dispatch manager who coordinates the airport shuttles so he can send it to the driver who picked me up."
Eric Patterson, Portland, OR

"Road with Victor last Friday and had a positive experience. He was courteous patient and communicated well. Thx Marrin"
Marrin McClanan, Portland, OR

"What can I say? Having recently arrived in Portland with my partner and friends, we treated ourselves to a fun first night. Upon returning to our room, I discovered that I had misplaced my ipad bag containing my passport. Panic! Between the airport and the hotel I had left my ipad bag in the Green Cab. The office staff canvassed the drivers and the driver turned it in at the end of his shift. Despite having to rent a car to return to Canada, my bag came back with our friends and the trip ended as it started with all of us reunited. Thank you Green Cab for your great effort!"
Robert Newman, Canada

"Green cab is an excellent option for a safe, comfortable, and on time cab service. They always show up on time and I was even able to schedule a pickup time for a medical appointment for them to come and pick me up and then schedule another appointment to take me home later; since I only had surgery on my back a few days ago. The cabs are nice looking, clean and comfortable. The drivers are nice and they take both cash and credit cards. I think this is the best taxi service cab in town. New Green Cab LLC a great option if you are disabled or just don't feel like taking the bus. The customer service schedulers are knowledgeable and trustworthy! New Green Cab LLC is the best service in town!"
Debra Nicoson, Portland, OR

"On the busy night of Halloween we were able to receive the quickest service from New Green Cab LLC. Our driver, David, was wonderful and got us home safely and quickly. He was extremely professional and one of the kindest drivers I have ever met. I highly recommend anyone to use this company in the future!"
Chandell Culley, Portland, OR

"I booked a Green Shuttle for my trip to Portland. I'd never been to Portland and didn't know what great transportation they have there. Our shuttle was waiting for us when we arrived at the airport and immediately and quickly took us to our destination. The street was dark and we had trouble finding the house number but the driver was polite, courteous and very helpful in finding the right house. Very affordable compared to my excursions in New York. I'll use this service again on my return to the airport."
Yolanda Comiskey, New York, NY

"Vadim took care of us this weekend, not only with driving but also saving us from losing an iPhone. We called the cell phone the next day when we realized it was missing and was greeted by Vadim from Green Cab who kindly offered information for us to get the phone back, and we were able to retrieve it back the same day. The extra steps that Vadim took to offer us his great service, friendliness and caring should be recognized, and his exceptional service is more than appreciated! Thank you Green Cab & Vadim!"
Stephen Do, Beaverton, OR

"Took a Green Cab from PDX. The cab was clean, well kept and comfortable. The driver wasn't chatty, which was fine with me because I was exhausted. He wasn't rude, he was quite pleasant, just not chatty. The rate was reasonable and I liked that they had a card reader in the back seat so that I was in control of my credit card the entire time. I will be using them again."
Kathryne Kieser, Vancouver, WA

"Very excellent and timely service with the bus. Friendly staff and driver. Cost was quite reasonable."
Jogen Salzberg, Portland, OR

"I know I can rely on Green cab Green shuttle. They are always on time and I've never had any complaints about the driver. The employees here are so nice. Thanks to everyone."
ISAAC5562367, Portland, OR - YELLOWPAGES.COM

"Excellent service. They were there about 30 minutes early, saw them outside, but told them we were not quite ready, it was fine, he happily waited until our scheduled pickup time."

"I can't tell you how much I LOVE this company! I lost my phone in a cab a week ago and the office was so nice and followed up with me so much! The cab driver turned my phone in and I have my phone back in my hands! Amazing! I will only use them from here on out. Good people do exist!"
Malia T., Portland, OR - Google

"used'em Loved'em will use them again. I needed to be picked up at quarter to 5 am for a red-eye. I got downstairs early to make sure I would not miss them. I had their number in hand, ready to call and remind them I can NOT miss this flight. Imagine my surprise when they were there 10 minutes early - waiting for me!!!! (I felt so special)."
Portland, OR - Google User

"I've been using Green Cab for 10 years and they're my favorite. I came to look up their number and saw the dismal star rating and had to speak up. I don't have the same circumstances many of these people had. I call for airport pickups at all times of the day and night. It's usually just me and my luggage, and I provide directions. They're prompt and I always get a phone call when they arrive. The one time I had a problem with this, it was circumstantial - we were overdue for some major snow and they didn't want to commit to giving me a ride to the airport the next morning. Understandable - none of the other companies I called after they told me this were even going to be out on the road. Green Cab, on the other hand, had a tire chain plan (seriously! I heard them on their radios) and ended up being able to get me to the airport on time in the snow. I was driven by a pro who was born and raised in Minnesota -- we slalomed our way to the airport with ease. I'm sure there are bad eggs out there, but my worst cab experiences in Portland were NOT from Green Cab. If you get a bad driver, the best thing you can do is call the company and tip them off."
Portland, OR - Google User

"Great service. The driver went above and beyond to help a rider in need in West Moreland. I will use Green Cab because of that. Great job Green Cab driver."
Sellwood - Portland, OR - Google User

"Darby in the office with lost and found and the awesome driver that returned my iPhone after a CraZy night with 20 girls for a Bachlorette party ended with me 150mi away from home and a lost phone.. Great honesty and customer service !!!! Thank you. A million times over!!!"
Liisa N., Portland, OR - Yelp

"They stop for me when I flag them down and they pick me up when I call them. This is all I really ask for from a cab company."
jamesa496 a., Portland, OR - Citysearch

"The ride was great. We had a wonderful time and the shuttle was perfect! Thank you for making our day that much more special."
Lizzy W., Portland, OR - Citysearch

"Great service. Right on time and no surprises price wise."
denniss112 1., Portland, OR - - Citysearch

"I use this cab service at least once a week. Always on time and courteous."
mrowen65, Portland, OR - Citysearch

"On time. Very courteous driver. Super clean cab. Couldn't have asked for more. They have never let me down."
ALVIN a., Portland, OR - Citysearch

"Excellent Service. The driver was very friendly, and I will be sure to use your service again. Thank you."
jimmy j., Portland, OR - Citysearch

"Soloman is always early to pick me up anytime of the day or night. He carried my suitcase and is very professional. I've been a regular for 2 years."
james l., Portland, OR - Citysearch

"Very clean and with a personal touch (rug) smells good. Very friendly driver."
Kelly B., Portland, OR - Citysearch

"Very good service. Got me where I needed to be. The employees have really good, positive attitudes and that rubs off on everyone."
Hector P., Portland, OR - Citysearch

"Best Service I Know! - Best cab service I know! I called and they were there just a few mins after. They had no problem with taking me across town! amazing, clean and spacious car. Friendly driver lady! Not overly talkative, but nice enough to offer me gum during the long ride after I gave her bad directions. She didn't mind at all. And in the end only cost 35 dollars! I definitely left her an amazing tip seeing how it took over 45 mins b/c of my bad directions! I would recommend this place to my grandmother and yours!"
kale2watson, Portland, OR - Citysearch

"Perfect! - I used Green Shuttle for a trip to the airport and back from Tanasbourne. They confirmed our reservation and picked both myself and a coworker up on time. Our travel was international so I emailed to confirm our return and added another person to the drop off. The service was seamless and I will use them again! I would recomend New Green Cab LLC to my friends and family!"
gretchgg, Hillsboro, OR - Citysearch

"Best Service - Very fast, freindly, and reliable. Not your average boring cab company. Great dispatchers and employees. Drivers dont take the long senic route to make an extra dollar."
johnnyboi662, Portland, OR - Citysearch

"Faster Service - I used to talke Broadway Cab, and Radio Cab. They would sometimes arrive, sometimes not. I would not even get a phone call to let me know they would not be arriving. I found out that Broadway and Radio dispatch their calls via sattilite. If no driver takes the call within 45 minutes, its deleted from the system. Green Taxi personally dispatches your call directly to a driver in your area. 9 times out of 10, as traffic permits, I have been able to get one very fast. The drivers are always friendly, and the dispatchers are always upbeat. :)"
andrew2288, Portland, OR - Citysearch

"Excellent dispatch and great drivers. - I have been taking consistent trips with Green Cab for the last few years now. The dispatch office answers the phones way faster than Broadway or Radio cab, no robot call answering at this company. Live people answering the phone fast. Friendly drivers."
mattfazio, Portland, OR - Citysearch

"I use this cab service at least once a week. Always on time and courteous."
mr.owens, Portland, OR - Citysearch

"Couldn't be better!! Of all of the cab companies in Portland, Green cab is THE best! I have been using them for over a year and they have always been the best. The ONLY time I have had issues with getting transportation was during the snows of December 2008-but then again NO cab company was able to keep up with the demand. When I called Green cab, they were honest that there were not as many drivers out on the road during the snows because like us, some of the drivers were not used to driving in that kind of weather....and that the wait time could be as high as 3 hours...that was a heck of a lot more information than I got from the other companies-most of which didn't even pick up the phone!!! I asked that when they were close to getting to me that they could call me and I would meet them down my hill (which WAS impassable). They did and I was finally able to get to work and I called a couple hours ahead before I needed to go home so that they could put me on the route to get picked up (and they did so ina timely fashion-just about 20 minutes after my work ended!). Other than that time, they have always been consistantly great. I have friends that are in wheelchairs and green cab wheelchair drivers are sweet and considerate (a true novelty in the cab industry!) and patient.(unlike one posting i saw, they do not charge special prices for handicapped people-only for extra people in the vans/cabs-which is $1.00 per person extra after the first one) I have seen the naysayers and their lies....maybe there is a slight peice of truth-after all cab drivers have bad days too-but I ride with them pretty regularly and I have never been treated bad, never been driven out of the way for extra money, been in a dirty/messy cab or treated rudely in any fashion. Granted, a few of the drivers do not speak great English but all of the cab companies have those kind of drivers. Personally, as long as I get where I need to go without getting ripped off, I am cool with it. AND they have never ripped me off! Personally, Green Cab or shuttle is my first choice, then Portland Taxi, then Rose City..if I have to take Radio or Broadway...I am desperate!"
whkdgal10, Portland, OR - Yellowpages.com

"Thank you greencabshuttle and cab 235 for rescuing my phone. You didn't have to be so nice. #Grateful #Portland"
Anya C. @Moneypenny_7, Portland, OR - Twitter

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